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PUWER - the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations.
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PUWER Assessment by Integra Loss Control Safety Consultants.
Integra offer puwer assessment of old equipment, aged machines, new CE marked equipment, production lines, and more.
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PUWER assessing Machines and Equipment.
puwer affects machines and equipment of all ages, in all industries.

Many businesses in the UK have equipment that has been operating for decades. Generally this equipment continues to run to it's orignial function, as it always has done - but it has safety systems that are out of date, or non-existent.

While new equipment purchased in the EU will come with a CE mark, this is not necessarily a proof of safety when installed and used. A PUWER assessment looks at the user interaction with the equipment.

Integra offers assessment of equipment old and new, in almost any industry.


logo Case Study: PUWER Assessments of older, unguarded workshop equipment

Machine workshops will often have many examples of aged equipment, without any real form of guarding, interlocks or cut-outs.

Generally, such equipment will be used by highly experienced and competent operators, who may not recognise that there are safety shortcomings with their equipment, compared with more modern versions.

While it is certainly not feasible to alter all older equipment to meet full modern CE standards - let alone replace them for new - there are a number of key safety features that can be, and are expected to be, retro-fitted to equipment.

Integra can help you identify the key safety hazards of your older equipment and provide reasonable, practical advice on how to safeguard them. Email us now to find out more..




logo Case Study: PUWER Assessments across multiple sites, with unusual equipment

Integra have provided PUWER assessment services for a business that is spread over multiple sites accross Scotland and the UK.

This involves a multitude of different types of work equipment - ranging from brand new, to machines built in the 1950s.

Integra can provide a comprehensive report on equipment that outlines safety issues, recommends specific actions, and rates each action by priority, based on risk. Email us now to find out more..


logo Practical Reports

  • PUWER reports that are more than just a list of non-conformances.

  • The report will list actions for improvement, based on an assessment of risk of each hazard.

  • Based on the user interaction with the equipment, against the PUWER regulations.


logo Practical Solutions

  • Integra do not only look at the equipment - that is only half the task.

  • Integra discuss all issues and potential solutions to equipment hazards with the front-line users.

  • Reports will not be a list of exceptions to BS EN (CE Mark) Standards - they will be a practical list of issues and suggested solutions.